Best Band Saw Blades Reviews: Guides to Types and Sizes

Best Band Saw BladesA band saw is a must have for every woodworker. It is one of the best things that happened to help anyone make wonders with the hand and some wood. But if choosing a band saw is important, choosing a bandsaw blade is even more. How efficient and durable the blade is impacts the efficiency and durability of the machine itself.

The best band saw blades range in prices, features, and brands. To find a good material to trust, you must be wary about comparing the ones available in the market. Here is a good bandsaw blade guide to get you started. Read on.

Our Top 5 Band Saw Blade Reviews

Bosch BS80-6H 80-Inch X 1/2-Inch X 6-Tpi Heavy Duty Stationary Band Saw Blade

Bosch BS80-6HThis heavy duty Bosch blade is one of the best bandsaw blades in the market. Its premium design is heat-resistant and can be used in various applications, including for wood and metal. Bosch is a standard for quality so you would not have to doubt about how sharp this blade probably is and how efficient it might be to accompany you in various works.

Its optimized tooth geometry was also made out for superior performance. This is why the Bosch heavy-duty blade figures in most, if not all, band saw blade reviews. You will love its premise: durable, heavy-duty, and very, very efficient. It is definitely one of the best band saw blades for wood.

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Craftsman 59 1/4in Band Saw Blade, 1/8in wide, 15tpi

Craftsman 59The Craftsman best band saw blade is a premium choice for cutting strips of wood. It is great to work with when you need to reduce a board’s thickness or cut it into long rips. It has a regular tooth scrolling blade that is 59.25 inches long, a size that would fit into most band saw machines.

This Craftsman blade makes it so easy to make ideal, uniform wood cuts, which would help ensure that every project you work on kicks off on a perfect start. There are many bandsaw blade types and this is definitely one of the better choices around.

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3pk 18tpi Band Saw Blade 27″

3pk 18tpi Band Saw Blade 27Compact and portable, this band saw blade package shows off outstanding quality and exceptional durability. It composes of three uniquely different but similarly efficient blades. The first is the Matrix II, which features a high speed steel tooth that could cut through your metal projects.

The second is the Milwaukee blade, which is the most durable with its alloy style backing. The third is the Milwaukee M12 blade, which is top of the line in terms of style and quality. This package features different band saw blade sizes that will help you choose which one is most suitable for the project at hand.

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SKIL 80151 59-1/2-Inch Band Saw Blade Assortment, 3-Pack

SKIL 80151If you are looking for both functionality and durability, the Skil band saw blades, which come in three, are perfect for you. This bandsaw blade selection can handle a variety of tasks with its unique tooth geometry. They can also fit into most band saw machines, including the 9-inch and 10-inch varieties.

These premium grade steel blades can help in many tasks, making wood and metal cutting a breeze. They also resist heat buildup, which is key in prolonging the lifespan of the blade. At a little less than $20, the Skil blades deserve a spot in every bandsaw blade review because it is one of the best buys available in the market today.

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M.K. Morse 72-5/8″ x 1/4″ x 14 TPI Band Saw Blade

M.K. Morse 72One of the best value band saw blades in the market today, M.K. Morse has attractive features that keep it in its spot on this bandsaw blades review. For one, it has an American made blade stock. For another, it can be customized to fit your needs exactly. M.K. Morse is top in terms of flexibility and long life.

It has a super hard RC 64-66 that keeps the teeth’s cutting precision long after the rest went dull. It also features a higher tension that keeps each work accurate and ultra smooth. Indeed, there is nothing you could ask for if you have the best bandsaw blade in your tool shed.

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To Sum It All Up…

Band saw machines are uber useful in any woodworking stable. They can help you make precise curved cuts, lumber rips, and making veneers. But no band saw machine could possibly do you right if you have not found the best blade from this band saw blade selection guide.

The blade is the thing that works the magic after all. It’s the heart of the machine. Reading through bandsaw blades review and doing your own research on the pros and cons of each available unit are sure worth it because they will surely help you make an informed decision in choosing.

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