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Best Bench Top Drill PressDrill presses are mainly used for more efficiently, accurately and conveniently drilling woods and metals of the same spaces and sizes. Different attachments can also be used so the machine can be utilized for other purposes including cutting, polishing, honing and sanding.

Aside from the bigger machines, there are also compact models, which are used on top of a bench or table and they are called benchtop drill press. These machines can be used in households and workshops. If you’re planning to buy one and you wish to get the best benchtop drill press, these reviews would help you find what you’re looking for.

Shop Fox W1667 1/2 HP 8-1/2-Inch Bench-Top Oscillating Drill Press

Shop Fox W1667The first product for our benchtop drill press reviews is from Shop Fox. Its price is on the average range and it offers good features that you may like. One of these features is its oscillating spindle giving you abrasives that last longer, as well as a better finish. Aside from its spindle, sanding drums can also be used with it, although this package is available at a separate purchase. Another good feature is its depth stop that lets you set the depth that you like. You could be sure that all the holes that you drill would be as deep as you like them to be.

This is a nice addition, especially for beginners. This benchtop drill press also has one of the best drill press table as it can be tilted to the left or to the right and it swings 360 degrees so you can easily reach the various angles of the material you’re working on. Its table is 7 inches by 7 inches in size and it comes with a ½ horsepower motor. There are five different speeds to choose from that ranges from 620 RPM to 3,100 RPM. The dimension of this drill press is 18 by 13.7 by 10.5 inches, it weighs 53 pounds and uses 110 volts.

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EuroTool Small Benchtop Drill Press

EuroTool Small Benchtop Drill PressIf the best table top drill press for you is the lightest and most compact, but can still do the work, this benchtop drill press from EuroTool could be one of your top options. Although it’s small, this can be used for all types of drilling works, including for bigger projects. Plus, it’s also on the cheaper end when it comes to the price. You can also set the speed to different settings up to 8,500 RPM.

This space saver is only 10 x 12 x 8 inches in dimension, weighs 12.2 pounds and like the previous item, also uses 110 volts. However, this one doesn’t have a tilting table so you would only be working on a static one. While you wouldn’t have problems working on the flat surface of the material, it could be challenging when working on its sides or angles.

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RIKON 30-140 Bench Top Radial Drill Press

RIKON 30-140Among the products in our benchtop drill press reviews, this one from RIKON is the most expensive. However, if you’re after more features and more powerful performance compared to average and less expensive benchtop drill presses, this is a good choice. Like our first product on the list, this drill press also has a rotating table that turns 360 degrees, but it’s a bit bigger with the size of 7 ¾ inch by 7 ¾ inch.

This gives you a more convenient way to work on all the angles of your material. Its base on the other hand keeps things stable while working. Giving you more flexibility is its tilting head that moves 90 degrees going to the left and 45 degrees going to the right. It also moves forward and backward, making it easier to work on varying length of materials.

This product also has five different speeds that can be set for the spindle, which ranges from 620 RPM to 3,100 RPM. It has ¾ horsepower motor, which is more powerful than the other drill presses in this list and it also has 3/8-inch spindle travel allowing you to drill even on tougher materials. The dimension of this drill press is 34 by 8 by 37 inches and it weighs heavier at 89.1 pounds.

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Northern Industrial Tools Benchtop Drill Press – 5 Speeds, 1/2 HP

Northern Industrial ToolsAnother product that made it on our best bench drill list is this benchtop drill press from Northern Industrial. The price is on the more affordable range and it offers accuracy and precision when drilling. It has a ½ HP power motor, which is the same as most of the items here, except for the drill press from RIKON, which is ¾ HP.

This product has a depth lock feature that lets you easily choose the depth that you want. It has an MT-2 spindle taper and screwdriver handle that makes it easy on the grip. It would feel instantly familiar if you’ve been using screwdrivers before. Its dimension is 8 7/8 by 19 1/3 by 28 ¾ with a worktable that’s almost the same size as the other drill presses at 7 15/16 x 7 3/4 inches.

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Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press

CraftsmanLast but not the least on our reviews is this drill press from Craftsman. It’s in the mid-range when it comes to the price. It also has ½ HP motor and it’s made from cast iron and steel, making it sturdy. Like most of the products on this list it also has five speeds that range from 355 RPM to 3,065 RPM.

Another feature that it boasts is its LED light and laser, helping ensure precision in your work as you can see better. It’s also vibration free, which adds to the stability when drilling. This drill press is also easier to control because of its swivel knob. It has an adjustable fence that can be stopped, which is perfect when drilling repetitively. Adjustment of height is also more precise with its rack and pinion.

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That completes our list of the best benchtop drill press products in the market. They come in varying price ranges and they also have their own features. Weigh these options so you could determine which is the best fit for you. The best drill press for one person may not be the best for another as every individual has his own needs, requirements and budget. You may need a floor drill press.

Reading these reviews would help you in finding the product that would fit your personal preference. Most of these drill presses have the same horsepower and varying speeds. However, some of them have additional features that can’t be found in the others like LED light and tilting head.

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