What Is The Best Chainsaw Chain?

Best Chainsaw ChainChainsaws are heavy powered saws used to efficiently cut lumber, tree trunks and branches. It operates by propelling a cutting chain around a metal guide bar. The teeth of the chain make small cuts and bite through wood. Therefore, the chain itself is an important part of a chainsaw. It is the one that actually cuts through the wood.

Since chains come in different varieties, it is important to consider some factors when deciding the best chainsaw chain to buy. The first to think of is if the chain actually fits the saw. The tooth type is another main factor in choosing the best chain for chainsaw. The following are the top rated products to choose from.


Husqvarna 531300439 18-inch H30-72 Pixel Saw Chain

Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch H30-72 (95VP) Pixel Saw Chain, .325-Inch by .050-InchThe best chainsaw chain is model 531300439, a low vibrating chain from Husqvarna. It fits a range of saws, namely 450e, 445, 440, 435, 353, 351, 350, 346XP, 345, 340, 339XP, 336, 41, 45, 49, 51 and 55. It has .325 inch pitch and .050-inch gauge.

It is ideal for professional use and for very demanding conditions. It is definitely high-performing and holds so well with less stretching. You will be surprised with how this chain work, and with a few swipes with a file, it is as sharp as new. It is a great chain for a great price.

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Oregon S62 18-Inch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain

Oregon S62 18-Inch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain Fits Craftsman, Homelite, PoulanOregon S62 is also one of the best chain for chainsaw. It weighs 5.6 ounces, has 62 drive links, with gauge of .050 and pitch of 3/8. File diameter is 5/32 for sharpening of 30 degrees. Depth gauge is 25/1000. It is a premium hard-chromed chain made using advanced technology. Oregon ensures to bring sharp, tough cutters with strong wood bite and hassle-free sharpening.

This Oregon chain is used as original chain in many saws, and is very reliable for professional use. It features heat treated cutting chain with unique design that cuts fast and smooth. It also offers minimum kickback since it is engineered for safety, quality and performance. Oregon S62 fits Sun Joe SWJ701E, Poulan Wild and Craftsman .358.341950.

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Oregon S56 16-Inch Semi Chisel Saw Chain

Oregon S56 16-Inch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain Fits Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Poulan, RemingtonThe third best chain on our list is another product of Oregon. S56 16-inch fits Echo, Craftsman, Poulan, Homelite and Remington. It offers precise cutting and unique cutter design that ensures fast and smooth cuts with less kickback. It is designed for quality, safety and performance.

It is a heat-treated hard-chromed chain made using advanced technology that Oregon is known for. The tough, sharp cutters are great for professional use. It features 16-inch 91VG low profile premium c-loop xtraguard chain with 56 drive links. It is UL classified and meets ANSI standards. The twin corners deliver top performance on many saws.

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So What Is The Best Chainsaw Chain?

Ultimately, it is the chain that defines the best chainsaw. The best saw in the world is useless without a good chain. So if you’re wondering which chain is the best…the products included in this review are all worth considering. Aside from determining if the chain fits the saw, tooth arrangement and type are also important factors in knowing which one to buy.

Semi-skip and full chains are only used for guide bars that are 24 inches long. These are preferred for various applications because less power is required. Full chains can fit any saw as long as power is enough for effective cutting.

The type of teeth is also considered in buying a new chain. Old chipper chains are used by professionals for abrasive tasks. Chains that have fewer teeth require less sharpening and downtime but full complement chains are efficient for tasks that need less debris clearing. Standard chains on the other hand are best if you want to maintain a smooth edge.

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