Best Gas Log Splitters (5 Powerful Options)

Splitting logs is rather essential to feeding a wood-burning stove, fireplace, or other similar product. You can split the logs manually with just your bare hands and an axe, and while this will technically get the job done, it isn’t the most efficient way to go about things by a long shot.

If you have some money to spend and want to split logs faster and better than ever before, you need to invest your dollars into an electric or gas log splitter.

There are a lot of these to choose from, so to make your buying process a bit easier, here are our 5 picks for the best gas log splitter.


1. Champion Power Equipment 90720

Champion Power Equipment 90720When searching around for gas log splitter reviews, one product that pops up time and time again is the Champion Power Equipment 90720.

This splitter is one of the most portable you can find, and this is thanks to the easy-to-hold handle and flat tire design. The splitter is also extremely efficient, and this is seen with its 20-second cycle time that makes splitting logs a super fast and easy task.

Along with all of this power, Champion provides all of its customers with a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support at not added cost.



2. Dirty Hand Tools 100171

dirty hand tool 100171Dirty Hand Tolls’ 100171 is considered to be among the best gas log splitters ever made, and while you’ll certainly pay a price to have a splitter with that title, we think it’s well worth it if you’ve got the cash to spare.

With the ability to split logs both vertically and horizontally, the 100171 gives you options that many other splitters simply cannot offer.

In addition to this, the Dirty Hand Tools 100171 also comes with a 10.9-second cycle time, a 2-stage 13-GPM pump, and a 6.5 HP engine to power through even the most rigorous of tasks.




3. Yardmax Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

Yardmax Half Beam Gas Log SplitterAnother great pick for the best gas log splitter is the Yardmax Half Beam Gas Log Splitter. Yardmax sells this splitter in 25-ton, 30-ton, and 35-ton variants, and this is nice for getting a splitter with the exact amount of power that you need for a certain job.

The one-person assembly makes putting this beast together way easier than it should be, and we also love the horizontal and vertical splitting that’s present here as well.

To make all of this even better, Yardmax’s patent pending U-Beam design makes this splitter strong than what you’ll find with more traditional I-Beam options.



4. Champion Power Equipment No. 92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter

gas log splitterGoing back to Champion Power Equipment, another fantastic product from the company is its No. 92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter. This splitter has a Champion 196cc OHV engine with a cast iron sleeve, and when you combine this with the 2-stage hydraulic pump, you get more power than you’ve likely ever handled with a product like this.

A 1-year limited warranty helps to provided for some added peace of mind, and the 2-inch ball hitch means that you can attach this to pretty much any car or truck with a trailer hitch.



5. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS2082

best gas log splittersThe fifth and final gas log splitter on this list is the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825. This splitter comes with a 208cc OHV gas engine, and it provides extremely powerful performance even during the most intense of workloads.

An oil deliver system gives the splitter better lubrication than what you’ll find with a lot of competitors out there, and the 17-second cycle time is something that never does get old.

The 2-inch hitch makes hauling this splitter around dead simple, and the option to cut horizontally or vertically is a feature that will always be welcome.


 best gas log splitter

Final Thoughts

The best gas log splitter is something that will provide you with a great balance of power, performance, flexibility, and speed day in and day out.

All five of the products mentioned on this list excel in all of these areas and more.

Gas log splitters are better than they’ve ever been before, and the 5 products here are prime examples as to just how far your money really can go nowadays.

You’ll need to pony up a fair bit of cash in order to get your hands on something that will really be worth your time and money, but no matter which of the splitters on this list you end up buying, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got one of the best on the market.

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