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best home generators

Nowadays our life is fully dependent on electricity. From kitchen appliances to mobile phones, all need electricity to function. It becomes difficult to imagine our lives without electricity, and all our daily requirements are dependent on it.

The moment you face the power outage, you don't know how much time it will take to restore the power, and at that time the emergency power system will serve as a savior for your power demands.

So, home generator is one of the best things you can own at your home for you and your family. In the case of a sudden power failure, it can keep our home cool, gadgets charged, kitchen appliances on and much more.

But when it comes to choosing the best generator for home use, it is a difficult task as it comes in various shapes and styles. The market offers a wide range of home generators for you. Also, features and pricing wise each model are different. So, it becomes a difficult task for the consumer to choose the best according to their requirements. Here we are going to talk about the best home generators, and we will list the best one along with their features and pricing which will help you to make the correct choice.

Best Home Generators Comparison Table

Different Types Of Home Generators

1. Standby Generators(Stationary Generators): These type of generators are installed outside the home and connects to the power source directly. It is stationary and can be installed by professionals only that incur additional costs which make it expensive when compared to other types. It runs on existing fuel sources like natural gas or propane, unlike portable generators that run on gasoline which is riskier than natural gas and propane.

It is capable of generating more than 5000 watts. We don't need to start it in the case of power outage, and it starts automatically that is a great advantage over other types as power continues to be on even if we are not at home. If you see power shortage very often, then the standby generators prove to be cost effective and useful.

You don't need to be dependent on power source from outside for keeping your central heating system on and preventing the water from freezing in case of frigid weather. Also, standby generators run a self-diagnosis continuously and inform you that it is in need of maintenance. The average cost range between $5000 to $10000 for a standby generator.

2. Portable Generator: These generators mean that they are portable to use and come with a wheel or moving source to carry the portable generator anywhere you need. But you should make sure to keep it at least 15 feet away from house and windows. These are small and do not occupy much space in your property. They can generate power between 2500 to 5000 watts.

Nowadays even higher models are available which can generate more power than the traditional portable generators. Portable generators are ideal for a small number of appliances and powering up selective power source. You can use extension cords to connect it to your appliances at home. These prove to be cost effective as you can plan and control your power usage when using this generator.

If you need to charge mobiles, use bulbs and fans, small appliances and run television, then it is the best choice. They run on gasoline, and you might have to keep gasoline in large quantity to run portable generators as and when required. The cost is between $400 to $1000. These need to be started and stopped manually when the power goes off and resumes respectively. In this course, it offers as a good way to monitor your power usage.

3. Solar Generator: While there are so many concerns about the depleting energy sources, solar power has emerged as one the best alternative energy source. And, Solar Generator is using solar technology to power our houses. The best advantage of using the solar generator is that you can keep it in inside your houses without the fear of harmful gases emitting from the generator. At the same time, it is safer and a clean source of energy without polluting the environment.

We should contribute our part and look for these alternative sources than the traditional generators which are consuming valuable energy sources of Earth. Also, Solar generators are best for those residing in rented flats and apartments as it does not make noise and is totally safe indoors. The solar panels are charged first using the solar energy, and then these panels serve as the power source in the solar generator.

There are various categories of solar panels available in the market which are small yet very powerful. These panels can be charged even in case the sky is not clear and you need not fear that you only need direct sunlight to charge them. Hence, these solar generators can be used by even those who are residing in cold parts of the world.

Best Home Generator Brands

There are many brands in the market, but some are leaders in the home generators and trusted by all alike to power up their houses. I will tell you about these brands below.

1. Generac:

Generac is the champion in the home generators genre. It features G-Force engine, True Power Technology, Rhino Coat sturdy coating for all weathers, Quiet-Test enabled, user-friendly controls and Mobile link monitoring. The powerhouse of generators, Generac keeps you

2. Kohler:

Truly adapt of its tagline of In Power since 1920, Kohler ensures that your homes are kept powered, and your appliances running in case of power cuts. Kohler has been building generators since 1920, and it has experience and expertise that is unmatchable. Its +/-1% voltage regulation and 5% THD keeps your critical appliances in good shape.Kohler gives 5year/2000 hour long warranty and a body which is meant to survive in the harshest of conditions.

3. Briggs & Stratton:

Experts in the power products since 108 years, Briggs & Stratton, boasts of 2500 authorized dealers chain for buying its products. Its generator has Symphony II Power Management giving you more power to light homes. The sound reducing build ensures that it operates noiselessly. It comes with 5-year warranty included with parts, labor.

Top 5 Best Home Generators

Home Generators should have the qualities that make powering up our devices easy and seamless. They should have a powerful engine, automatic switch to generator once power is broken, a safe and durable body which can resist the climatic conditions whether kept indoors or outdoors, good customer service and extended period of warranty.

I will list the best home backup generator that is available in the market today. There are best home generator brands for home use like Generac, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, which we are mentioning below.

1. Generac 7043 Guardian Series 22kW/19.5kW Air Cooled:

Generac 7043 Home Generator

Generac is one of the best rated home generator brand, and its Guardian Series is the biggest air-cooled generator. The power output is 22kW, and it can last up to the power outage.

The run of the generator is enough to cover the utility cut, and its sturdy engine is pressure lubricated so that it can cope with the harsh generator usages. This G-force engine can provide power continuously without regular checkup by you.

The True Power technology of Generac generators is best in the industry and has less than 5% total harmonic distortion thus providing an undisturbed run of delicate devices. The generator is tested for a quiet run and uses much less fuel than conventional generators. Also, self-test mode is always running to make the generator more efficient.

The RhinoCoat finish is long lasting and corrosion resistant with all-aluminum cover. The three sides of the generator are removable thus making it easier to service and install. It has 200 Amp NEMA3 switch which is for the complete home. There is a multiple language LCD which shows the battery usage, and you can check if repair is required for the generator.

A mobile link technology is also in Generac generators that have the function of being monitored by smartphones, laptops, etc. while sitting far away. This is useful to check the upkeep process and its health.Its also useful to regularly connect with the technicians and get service instantly for your exact problem. You get a warranty of 5 years with this generator.

2. Generac 6438 11,000 Watt Air-Cooled:

Generac 6438 Home Generator

Next in the best house generators is Generac 6438 series generators which save the day with its 11kW power output. This is enough to run the necessary appliances at home, and the Generac OHVI Engine is specially built to persist in the acutest blackouts.

This generator is built to run on natural gas or liquid propane and consumes low fuel. The generator is already wired with a transfer switch, all connections made thus making it easy to install the generator at home. Once setup, it links with the electrical system of home and powers up as soon as the utility supply is disconnected.

The whole generator is hands-free and cordless, thus needing no manual work to start and stop it. It senses the outage on its own and powers up the house automatically. It has 200 Amp smart transfer switch with NEMA1 which is indoor rated. A UL, CUL, and EPA compliant model is safe for usage. It is also CARB compliant and features the 2-year warranty. Its body is made of Galvanneal steel and able to sustain in 150 mph winds and terrible climate.

3. Generac 5735, 17500 Running Watts/26250 Starting Watts:

Generac 5735 Home Generator

Under the next best generators for home is Generac 5735 which has 17500-watt output. It is one of the most powerful portable generators one can have for mobile use as per the demand.

It is capable of powering 16 circuits, and its OHVI Engine uses full pressure lubrication with automotive type oil filter that gives the engine a lasting life. It has fuel usage and generator power status situated at an accessible location and easy to interpret faster.

Generac 5735 has a steel frame which gives it a heavy duty build and lasts longer than other generators by enduring the extreme conditions too. The generator comes with a 2-year warranty.

4. Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS 20,000-Watt Air-Cooled:

Kohler 20rescl Home Generator

The Kohler 20RESL--200SELS is our fourth in home generator reviews and is air-cooled standby generator. It detects that power is gone and starts its operation quickly.

The power output is 20kW and has 200Amp which covers whole home. It has load shedding, and transfer switch is pre-programmed. The body can withstand corrosion and works in dreadful climate. A 5-year warranty comes with this Kohler generator.

5. Briggs & Stratton 40394 20000-Watt Home Standby Generator:

Briggs Stratton 40394 Home Generator

The next brand in home generators reviews is Briggs & Stratton 40394 standby generator. It can power up to 20kW and has a 100Amp automatic transfer switch.

It is made to work in low natural gas pressure places which can operate in 3.5" to 7" water level. An NFPA 37 rated product, you have the choice to keep it up to 18" nearby your home and works for areas with tight lot lines.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying The Best Rated Generators For Home Use

1. Power Requirements: You should first estimate your power usage as there is no need to buy a generator whose capacity is much more than your requirement and vice versa. Do you need to provide power to the whole building or just the emergency loads in the situation of the power outage? If you calculate the requirement before buying, you will get the best home generator in your budget.

2. Fuel Type: Propane, Natural Gas or Gasoline. Gasoline is the poor choice due to its dangerous effect on health and short life of stability. The availability of the fuel and cost is the another factor to keep in mind.

3. Warranty Duration: Home Generators comes with the warranty of one year to five years. It is recommended to check the warranty period and coverage before deciding any brand.

Apart from the above three essential consideration, one should think about voltage requirement, installation types also.


I am sure you have an idea now on the types of generators and what is the use of each of these generators. So, you have the options listed in various categories and genres of generators, and you will have an upper hand next time you go to buy a home generator. Not only do these generators power up our houses, but they also make our lives easier when we face power cuts.

The outdoor portable generators are ideal if you want to go off-grid and enjoy nature as it is without you getting disconnected from the world. There are good generators in the market, and it is up to you now on which generator appeals you best and fulfills your requirements.

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