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If you did not know or have never heard of, kinetic log splitting technique is the latest technology in the art of splitting logs, a mother’s companion at home. Before I take you through several facts about the kinetic wood splitters specifically let’s get the basics first. They utilize the latest technology known as the flywheel system generating energy from the engine to split logs in a very short time as compared to the rest of the normal log splitting tools. You thought it stops there? In fact, it is the only way you can bid goodbye to the normal manual axes. I can confidently recommend the technology to you as the best kinetic log splitters so far in the market, anyway this can sound too fast for a beginner, but I will give you some basic facts as regards to the kinetic log splitters.

Our Top Choice: Generac 10-Ton Kinetic Electric Log Splitter

Generac 10-Ton Kinetic Electric Log Splitter

·Powerful 2HP 110-Volt electric motor
·Twin 12.5 lb. flywheels
·Automatic ram retraction
·Splits logs 16 in. long and up to 12 in. in diameter
·Out-splits any 10-ton hydraulic splitter
·1 second cycle time
·Safe for indoor use
·Compact storage
·Requires little to no maintenance

Generac’s 10 Ton electric log splitter has all the convenience of electric power but with vastly more speed and power than any log splitter in its category. Easily out-splits any 10-Ton hydraulic unit and with an industry-leading 1-second cycle time, it does so with astonishing speed. Its compact size makes it highly portable.



This is How a Kinetic Log Splitter Works:


Facts About The Best Kinetic Log Splitters

They handle hard logs that a human effort cannot deal with or those logs that will send you packing if you were to use an axe to split them, yes it is a fact, they split logs with full of hard knots, poor vein alignment, both hard wood and soft wood, you understand the tough logs, name them, they are not hard for the powerful machine. They generate the power to deal with the toughest logs you have ever come across. It is also recommended that you read kinetic log splitters reviews before you buy any of them because they are of different models.

When it comes to maintenance, it is very easy for you to maintain it so you are assured of the long-term service and this guarantees the longevity of the machine. You don’t have to be oiling it all the time you want to use it because it does not have any hydraulic systems. Let me inform you, they are good machine with great assurance, the only maintenance that they will require is the fine adjustment of the engine I mean tuning the engine only, that can be done once in a while, and you are good to go and if need be, you may want to replace the electric cables.

best kinetic log splitter

Yes, they can handle tons and tons of logs of wood, I read a kinetic log splitter review and I was tempted to try it myself indoors and to my shock it was exactly what I wanted for my home, it is a way you can say goodbye to the messy oil that is brought about by the normal and other machinery for splitting logs at home and for any other purpose. An average kinetic log splitter can do several tons and it tonnage measure is can be difficult but you can only measure the tonnage in relation to the power produced by the machine.

They are also safe to use, they come in different models of which each can be supplied with safety measures for its use. You are safe to use them at home, they don’t consume much in terms of power but they produce much in regard to the output. Some of them come with the first attachment of protective eye glasses for the user. You can try this for your indoor purpose with no regrets at all. With a kinetic splitter, you are assured of 3 seconds as the engine-pick time, making it a faster method of getting your logs split.




The kinetic log splitters have been there in use for a long time, if you have been keen enough, their usage dates back some decade ago where some industry experts used them, it is only that some improvements have been made due to the advancement in the industrial work leading to the invention of the new and portable models that can be of great help for use at home or indoors. The preferred method you can confirm this information is by finding the best kinetic log splitter reviews and ascertain the authenticity of the machine. I can also confirm to you that it is one of the best tools or pieces of machinery that a modern family should have in their home as a way of making your work easier with minimal time used.

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