5 Best Shop Air Compressors (For Commercial & Home DIY Shops)

best shop air compressor

When it comes to choosing the commercial air compressor for your shop or home DIY project, you’ll have your choice of two types of models: upright models which have cylinder bodies, and horizontal models which might also have cylinder bodies, but take up more floor space, or have square bases.

As with anything you buy for commercial use, you can expect to pay a premium for the durability and sturdiness of the product. Commercial models are built to take more abuse, and run for longer periods of time than their consumer counterparts, and that means paying for a higher quality machine.

best shop air compressor

Depending on the kind of work you are going to be doing, you may need a powerful air compressor for large tires (think big rig trucks), or you may require something a little less powerful for your home used needs or a portable air compressor that you can throw in your vehicle(think full-size SUV or truck). Or, you can run your compression tools off of these compressors.

A commercial compressor offers a lot of versatility, even more so than a consumer model, as long as you have the space for them. Here are the best shop air compressors and commercial air compressors.

Puma Industries PK-6060V

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This is the lower priced model we reviewed. It’s starting price is about $700USD, and it measures approximately 70 inches in height, and it weighs over 300 pounds. It’s about 30 inches in diameter as it’s an upright cylinder style shop compressor.

It features an oil lubricated, cast-iron pump; a built-in pressure gauge; 60-gallon upright tank that provides 135 PSI. It also has “no flat” tires on the tank so it can be moved around the shop easily.

Speedway 51866

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With a much larger tank than the Puma air compressor, the Speedway features an 80-gallon upright tank that weighs over 300 pounds. It’s almost 80 inches high and provides 145 PSI air compression pressure.

This belt-driven air compressor is best for shops as it is electric powered and does have a substantial draw. It will run you about $1000USD and may be the best air compressor for shop setups on the market that will never leave you without air pressure when you need it.

Industrial Air

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At the top of our price range, at $3000USD, this professional grade air compressor packs a punch - and it better for this price. The pump runs cool because of a patented pump design and offers 120-gallon compression cylinder.

This pricey commercial air compressor delivers 175 PSI and a digital display for easy reading. It’s got enough power to run one more than one tool at a time and has multiple hoses for filling tires.

Campbell Hausfeld

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This is the middle of the road option for commercial air compressors we are reviewing. This upright cylinder style air compressor offers 175 PSI, and 80-gallon compression tank and a two-stage pump design to maximize up to 15,000 hours of operation. This is one of the best commercial air compressors at about $2000USD, considering the amount of power it provides, the tank and the continued operational capabilities.

Speedaire 1NNF7

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For those commercial or at home DIYers looking for a horizontal air compressor, the Speedaire will get the job done. Retailing for about $760USD, it weighs about 170 pounds and offers 20 gallons of air compression capacity at 90 PSI. It’s not the fastest air compressor we reviewed, but for the price and the lightweight portability of it, it made the list. Electrically powered, and offering 3.2 horsepower, this little machine can do it all.


In trying to decide on the best air compressors for the shop, the Campbell Hausfeld is the best choice. It’s got a big compression tank, delivers maximum PSI, and is at a better price point than some of the other air compressors we reviewed. For the DIYer at home, the Speedaire is an excellent choice: affordable, small and mighty; it can go anywhere and do anything in your home or garage and won’t break the bank for the DIYer in your life.

best shop air compressor wheel-mounted

Whether you want to run power tools like drills, or you want to refill tires at a busy downtown garage, these five shop air compressor reviews cover products that can definitely help you get the job done. They all come with varying warranties that are backed by the manufacturer and the power they provide, with the exception of the smaller Speedaire, is worth the thousands of dollars you’ll pay for them. Don’t let the little guy on the list fool you though; it is a great compressor for small garage and home projects.

We also did a roundup of the Ten Best Air Compressors in case your needs go beyond just shop use.​

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