Best Standby Generators Reviews For Home Use

standby generator reviews

A standby generator is installed outside the premises of building and provides uninterrupted power. It has the technology which detects the power outage and automatically starts the generator to resume power to the home.

The electrical load switches from the utility to the generator and once the power resumes, it switches the load back to the utility. The standby generators are best used for critical appliances and systems which require a constant supply of power.

These may be elevators, health equipment, security systems, etc. The standby generators are increasingly become common to use in homes to provide backup for security systems, critical appliances, and gadgets. Today, I am going to list down the best home standby generator that is available in the market.

Top StandBy Generator Reviews For Home

1.Generac 7037 Guardian Series:

Generac 7037 Home Generator

Being rated as the best standby home generator in the market, Generac 7037 Guardian Series is the true powerhouse with an output of 16kW and covers the whole house with 200 Amp transfer switch.

The best engineering is in place here by providing less than 5% total harmonic distortion resulting in a trouble-free operation of fragile devices. The Generac G-Force Engine is a trademark in itself, and the engine is pressure lubricated to endure the everyday wear and tear usage.

This makes for a powerful performance with less maintenance for this generator. The quiet test mode makes it noiseless when compared to other generators and also uses less amount of fuel to run. An all-aluminum body has three removable sides for better upkeep and installation. It contains LCD which tracks the generator usage and keeps you updated on its repair requirements.

The mobile link technology enables you to monitor Generac generators from any part of the world using your smartphone. This information can be shared with the customer service to maintain the health of your generator and ensure its long usage. A 5-year limited warranty comes with this generator.

2.Champion Power Equipment 100177 8.5 kW Home Standby Generator:

Champion Power Equipment 100177 8.5 kW Home Standby Generator

The next in the best standby generator for home use is Champion Power 100177 with the power output of 8.5 kW. It can be used to power homes 24/7 and has a warranty of 10 years.

The 24V starting power has the ability to start in -22 degree Fahrenheit. The 439cc Champion OHV engine is built to start seamlessly and has the feature to shut down incase of low fuel. It runs on natural gas or propane. The unique muffler model makes it one of most the silent generators in the market at 59.5 dBA. It has gullwing enclosure so that repair and installation can be performed easily.

There is 50 Amp 10 Circuit outdoor automatic transfer switch which can resume power cuts instantly.

3. KOHLER Generators 48RCLA-QS1 48000W Standby Generator:

KOHLER Generators 48RCLA-QS1 48000W Standby Generator

We are going to see Kohler 48RCLA standby generator in the series of home standby generator reviews. A 48kW generator, it can keep your huge appliances running uninterrupted.

It has low levels of harmonic distortion and operates on excellent frequency regulation to keep your sensitive devices running smoothly. The engine is automotive grade from general motors and runs at 1800 rpm. The whole generator is encapsulated in a power-coated aluminum which prevents it from rough weather. The fuel used is either natural gas or propene.

4. Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS 20,000-Watt Air-Cooled Standby Generator:

Kohler 20rescl Home Generator

The Kohler 20RESCL standby generator works on 20kW energy thus powering up big devices that require a good power supply. The powerful engine is built for good performance and works to start the generator as soon as it senses power cut.

The resume operation is done in seconds and no manual effort required to change the electrical load. It comes enclosed in a sturdy aluminum body which battles the severe weather and stands strong.

5.Briggs & Stratton 40336 20kW Standby Generator:

Briggs Stratton 40336 Home Generator

Briggs and Stratton standby generators are the 20kW powerhouse with options to choose between 100/150/200 Amp transfer switch. It has Vanguard engine which can handle huge appliances and large loads seamlessly.

It can operate in low natural gas pressure regions. Its compliance with NFPA 37 ensures that you can keep it within 18" of your premises. This generator is in accordance with the National Fire Protection Agency 37 standard. The automotive type exhaust technology runs the generator in soundless mode.


All these standby generators reviewed here are rated the best in the market. Now you need not rely only on the utility source and make an informed choice to light up your homes and critical devices. They can power the entire house depending on the energy outputs of the generators. These generators have robust engines to run the generators seamlessly.

Also, you need not worry about starting the standby generators, and they perceive power cut on their own and start up immediately. These brands of standby generators are used widely and are leaders in their services and quality.

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