Generac Generators Reviews: Top 5 Generators From Generac

generac generators reviews

Generac is a well-known generator brand and was established in 1959. It became the very first name which engineered affordable generators for home use. It manufactures from small to large generators like portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators.

It's home generators uses the x-torque governor that increases the efficiency of the engine and prevents stalling. Some models of Generac is EPA and CARB Only certified that makes it in compliant with the emission standards.

It has the OHVI engine on its compact models that use pressurized oil lubrication and provides long and trouble free lives like automobiles to these generators. Here are the 5 Generac Generators Reviews according to their features and pricing.

Top 5 Generac Generators Reviews For Home Use

1.Generac 5939, 5500 Running Watts/6875 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator:

Generac 5939, 5500 Running Watts/6875 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

The Generac 5939 home generator is a portable generator which runs on 5500 watts and 6875 watts while starting. Because of its portable nature, this is the best choice when you are out camping, need an emergency backup for your home or need power for various tools.

Its 389cc OHV engine has splash lubrication giving a longer life to the engine. The circuit breaker has outlets which safeguard it from damage, and it is covered. There is 6.7-gallon steel fuel tank with a fuel gauge installed in it to monitor the run times and at the same time gives durability.

There is a function that detects low oil levels and immediately shuts down the generator thereby protecting the engine from damage. Also, an hour meter is installed to track the maintenance status.

2.Generac 7043 Guardian Series 22kW/19.5kW Air Cooled Home Standby Generator with Whole House 200 Amp Transfer Switch (not CUL):

Generac 7043 Home Generator

The best selling standby generator brand, this new Guardian Series 22kW generator is the largest air-cooled generator available in the market. It is ideal to power up the entire house or office and starts up automatically after the power is gone.

It's True Power Technology gives the best power quality so that all devices run uninterrupted. There is 200 Amp NEMA3 transfer switch which ideally covers the entire premises. Generac's Evolution Controller has LED lights to let you know the generator health, power presence or if the generator requires repair.

The installation and repair are also very easy as it has three removable sides made of aluminum. The Amazon rates this product as five stars. There is amazing 24/7/365 customer service provided with Generac's products thus making your life easier in case it breaks down or requires maintenance.

3.Generac 7030 Guardian Series 9kW/8kW Air Cooled Home Standby Generator with 16 Circuit 100 Amp Transfer Switch:

Generac 7030 Guardian Series 9kW/8kW Air Cooled Home Standby Generator with 16 Circuit 100 Amp Transfer Switch

This is the newer model of Generac 5870 Guardian Series that has over 43 4+ positive review. This is another standby generator from Generac which gives 9kW/8kW watts power.

It is also air cooled home generator which has 16 circuits of 100 Amp, NEMA3 transfer switch. The True Power technology is incorporated in it so that your devices run smoothly. The LED indicators give updates on generator status, utility power and the need of maintenance of generator.

The whole generator is made of aluminum body and has three sides which are easily separable from the body. This makes installation process very efficient, and technicians can handle the work of generator properly.It runs on natural gas or LP. The Amazon rates this product with four stars.

4.Generac 6438 11,000 Watt Air-Cooled Steel Enclosure Gas Powered Standby Generator with 200-Amp Smart Transfer Switch:

Generac 6438 Home Generator

A standby generator from Generac, Generac 6438 runs with 11000-watt power. It is an air-cooled generator and has steel body which runs on gas. The energy source is either natural gas or liquid propane.

The whole generator does not require to be operated by hand, is cord free and automatic. It detects when the power goes off and starts automatically. There is 200-Amp, NEMA1 smart transfer switch which instantly powers up the generator.

The model is compliant with UL, CUL, and EPA for safety standards. A warranty of 2 years is provided with this generator. The installation is quite simple, and wires are already in place with great packaging instruction to setup this generator. It meets CARB requirements the engine can run up to 200 hours without any inspection or repair.

5.Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Inverter Generator - CARB Compliant:

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Inverter Generator - CARB Compliant

Generac 6866 model is a gas powered inverter generator. It is a quiet generator for home usage, and the noise levels are less compared to other brands such as Honda, etc.

There is a dial on the device called PowerDial which controls start/ stop function of the generator. There are also power bar monitors which show the power in watts being consumed by this generator.

It runs on 1600 Watts/ 2000 starting Watts. You get to choose between economy, standard and turbo modes so that you can save on fuel consumption.

Best Price on Generac Generators

You can find Generac generators starting as low as $450 to $12000 depending on the power requirements. You can decide to go for the price and model based on the above listed best Generac generators.


Now that I have covered the best five rated generators from Generac, you can make your choice if you want to go for standby, portable or inverter generator. Your requirement of power should be deciding factor on which one you need for your home. The air cooled standby generators are very robust and reliable when it comes to heavy usage, and they have their own set of features to make maintenance easy.

Have a look at all these five types and make use of these generators to power up your homes in case of power shortage. I am also going to review Kohler Generator in my next article. So you can make the best choice by reading Kohler vs Generac Generator Reviews.

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